5 Video Marketing Trends You Should Know

Earlier this year I attended The Brand Film Festival, a day conference dedicated to celebrating the best in branded video content with an awards ceremony in the evening. This, paired with my understanding of the changing video marketing landscape, has inspired me to write this post. 

So what are the latest video marketing trends and how can you start to think about adopting some of these in your strategies?

Top 5 video marketing trends this year

The adoption of emerging technology

It’s no surprise that emerging technology features in this list given its’ increasing presence in all aspects of our lives. We’re living in a truly digital world which is growing exponentially, meaning we are having to adapt to and embrace this change. What’s exciting is the opportunities open to our industry.

For me, emerging technology in relation to video marketing is all about 360 video and virtual reality (VR). Facebook 360 video is probably the best-known example, I see them in my feed all of the time! Using 360 videos gives brands the tools to create immersive content and put the user at the heart of the experience which is key. Engagement rates are higher as more users are likely to share and comment on a 360 video vs a standard format if done well. I see it used well by B2C brands but it would be great to see more B2B examples coming through. Understandably 360 might not work for everyone, and you’d need the right use case, however, it is definitely something to consider to add a new dimension to your video marketing.

I also really like the idea of using VR for marketing. I was recently at a conference, Digital DNA, in Belfast and heard an interesting talk from Rock Jacobs, a director, writer and producer at Rebel of America. He spoke about VR as a means of extending the life of a film or tv programme and as a way to reach new audiences in his world. I loved this point that he made…

“People are so busy in their everyday lives that there aren’t many who have the time to sit down and watch a full-length feature film or tv series, so we need to find ways for them to buy into an idea/franchise and still experience the story.”

VR provides a new platform to enable interaction and engagement with your audiences and can be successful if used in the right context, to add value.  

Later in the day, Raquel Bubar from T Brand Studio, The New York Times talked about a really interesting use case where they delivered Google Cardboards to 1m subscribers across the US so that they could interact with news stories in VR. I think this is a really simple yet smart way to add value to your customer experience. 

I would love to experiment with VR more and would encourage others to do the same, although you’ll want to avoid anything gimmicky. Like with all technologies, you should start with the challenge or need at hand and then figure out if there is a technology solution that fits.

Social storytelling

What’s the difference between storytelling and social storytelling you might be thinking? Bringing to life a story for social media channels is a very different approach and with it comes the need for a different mindset. For example, a piece of content for your website might not necessarily resonate across different social channels so it’s always a good idea to think about formats and channels up front, rather than retrofitting content to social.

So what are the key things you need to consider when planning a social campaign?

  • On social, you have an audience ready and waiting for content but there is also a lot of noise so you need to find a way to stand out
  • It’s important to get to the hook very quickly in a social video, so much so that sometimes it’s worth considering putting this up front 
  • Try to include a mixture of quality in your campaign for authenticity (user-generated vs professional)
  • Instagram stories are all user-generated. The audience feels more of a connection with this style and so it’s worth thinking about how to include this in your strategy.
  • The role of different social channels varies so again it’s important to think specifically about your objectives and the best use cases for each channel, rather than thinking generically.

I think my advice here is to just think about how you use social media channels yourself, the type of content that you engage with and then think about how that might translate to the story you’re trying to convey.

Vertical video / mobile strategy

At the brand film festival, I heard from Jeffrey Lee, founder of Userfarm, a crowdsourced video production company specialising in vertical video. When I heard what he had to say, it all just clicked into place. 

Here is what he had to say.

By 2019 72% of all digital viewing will be mobile and if you think of the ergonomics of using your mobile phone, you hold it upright 98% of the time you’re using it. So, therefore, why create video content that doesn’t fill the screen? So often brands create video content in a horizontal format, which means that there is an opportunity for viewers to be looking at other parts of the screen and clicking on links rather than being immersed in the content. 

A whitepaper that Userfarm released earlier this year brings to attention the impact of adopting a vertical strategy. As I said before, it’s something that I hadn’t necessarily thought about but it makes total sense – in the past, I’ve probably spent more time thinking about the content but it’s key to add in user experience here.

If you’re still not convinced…

  • Over 50% of Youtube views are already mobile.
  • Vertical fills the screen and allows interactivity
  • Facebook has 1.75 billion mobile users seeing content vertically
  • 75% of the time vertical video is sound on as opposed to 15% of standard video content
  • According to Facebook’s own research, vertical video increases brand lift and is 5x more likely than traditional video to be watched with the sound on.

There are already a lot of well-known platforms supporting vertical video, so have a think about how you can start being creative in the way that you shoot your content. And remember to plan mobile/vertical first!

Long-form content is back (or perhaps it never left) 

As we spend more and more time on social media platforms consuming content there has been a move towards creating short-form content, sometimes as short as 5 – 10 seconds. Attention spans are at their lowest and it’s increasingly harder to engage an audience for a prolonged period of time. 

But what about those who are looking for answers to more complex questions or want to delve into a topic in more detail? I sometimes think that long-form video has been forgotten about by brands but this shouldn’t be the case – for the right audience, there is still a need for both short and long-form video content.

There is a lot of research that suggests business leaders still consume long-form content such as videos and webcasts to understand topics in greater detail. Depending on the message you’re trying to convey, and the audience, you might find that producing a piece of long-form video works and there are some really interesting ways to do this. You could think documentary style (a rising trend) or team up with someone to co-create a piece of content as a start. The key thing is to figure out the purpose of the piece of content and then you can figure out the best format, length and treatment.

So just to clarify I’m not saying develop a 20-minute talking heads video but have a think about how to tell your story in a compelling way, which might be through long-form video.

Authenticity in branded film content

Authenticity isn’t a new concept however sometimes when people are creating content this can be forgotten. Audiences are smart; they can see through brands and are less trusting now than they have ever been, therefore it is even more important to bring truth and authenticity to the stories that you’re telling.

Words of wisdom from the experts:

  • Tell a true story
  • Use real people
  • Don’t trick your reader/viewer, be transparent
  • Align your film with the brands’ core values.

It may sound simple but when I look at some adverts or branded film content online you can see where they’ve perhaps missed the mark. You want to connect to the audience and give them something worth watching, so stay true to the brand and this will show.


In conclusion, the video marketing landscape is changing and brands need to really think about why and how they are creating content to develop something meaningful and effective. Especially in B2B marketing, let’s make it more interesting and unexpected for the audience, that’s the only way we’re going to stick. I think I can say that because I work in B2B.

For more info on The Brand Film Festival, click here.

Also, awesome venue if you’re looking to host a large event that’s a bit different – Hawker House.

The Woman in Cabin 10 – Ruth Ware

I’ve officially called time on summer for this year. I admit that I’ve been quiet on the blog front over the past couple of months but that’s because I just couldn’t find the time to write on a regular basis with all of the travelling, work, extra projects and spending time with family and friends. We can only do so much. I have however given myself a real break to relax which is so important for your own health. So, as we start to dig out our jumpers and prepare for autumn, I wanted to kick off September with a new book for you to read. 

This month I want to introduce you to The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware.

I came across Ruth’s novels when I first read The Lying Game back in May, which I think I picked up in Waterstones. When I was visiting my grandparents in Scotland, in July, we got talking about books. My grandma pulled out The woman in cabin 10 and said she thought I would like it. I immediately recognised the cover and that it was Ruth Ware novel and couldn’t wait to get stuck in (after I had got through my summer reading list)! One thing is for sure, I knew it was going to keep me guessing right until the very end.

The Woman in Cabin 10, by Ruth Ware

The Woman in Cabin 10 is a psychological thriller that follows Lo Blacklock, a journalist for a travel magazine, on the work trip of a lifetime to review her experience aboard a luxury cruise heading from London to Norway. At first, things appear to be fine. She meets her fellow passengers, one of whom is someone she dated in the past, but when she accidentally meets the woman in cabin 10, things take a turn. One night when she’s alone in her cabin she thinks she witnesses something so dark and terrifying.. a woman being thrown overboard. As she digs for answers, things only get worse for her. Lo finds herself in a living nightmare. 

How do you stop a killer, when no one believes they exist?

Ruth sets the story up really well as you then end up questioning all of the characters motives. Details revealed about Lo’s past make you wonder whether Lo is actually seeing and hearing what she thinks she is but, at the same time, I was really rooting for her until the very end.

I don’t know if there’s much more to say without giving it all away so give it a read and comment with your thoughts! 

Ruth Ware

I follow Ruth on Twitter and saw one of her posts a few weeks ago which I thought sums up her approach to writing really well if you’ve ever read some of her work. She was asked to describe, ‘How to tell if you’re in a Ruth Ware novel’ and her answer is spot on, although I guess it should be. 

Ruth Ware

I think that’s actually a really clever way of distinguishing yourself as a writer and finding a common thread through the novel’s that you write. I might give it a go! 

A few more suggestions… 

Ruth has just released her latest novel, The Death of Mrs Westaway. You can find out more on her website. I can’t wait to add this one to my book shelf! 

Happy reading all!

Health & Wellbeing: 3 lessons from Malta

In my last blog post, I highlighted the importance of prioritising your own health and wellbeing by making informed lifestyle choices and taking care of yourself. In my mind, a core part of this is taking time out of everyday life to relax and escape, because in our high pressured jobs and environment everyone needs a little break. This could be that 2 week holiday you’ve been saving for or just simply relaxing at home. One thing I do know is that it’s good for the mind, body and soul.

Last week I was on holiday in Malta, visiting an old friend, and had time to reflect. I spent less time connected to the internet and more time appreciating my surroundings and company. One evening on my way out, I realised how relaxed and happy I felt, full of positive energy. I haven’t been that chilled in a long time and it felt great! It struck me that this was because I had disconnected myself from everyday life and was truly living in the moment.

I thought about this some more on my journey home and want to share with you 3 lessons that I learned whilst I was away.

3 lessons from Malta

  1. The importance of digital dieting
    Firstly, what is a digital diet? It is basically about reducing the time spent on your digital devices, to switch off from the online world and spend more time focused on the real world that we live in. The average person checks their phone 85 times a day without even realising it, which is incredible and somewhat scary. Going on a digital diet is really about minimising the noise and switching off.Think about this concept for a minute. If you’re not checking your phone 85 times a day, what could you be doing with that time instead? There are so many benefits of digital dieting such as the ability to connect with the people around you on a much deeper level, enjoying each moment as it comes because you’re truly focused and ultimately feeling less stressed and more relaxed. So what’s not to love?Whilst in Malta I limited the amount of time I spent on my phone considerably, and in doing so felt so much more relaxed in myself. I wasn’t trying to keep up with the latest news on social media or updates from friends in my news feed. Instead, I spent a lot more time exploring the island, taking in the views and spending quality time with my friends. For this, I felt amazing. I encourage you to give this a try.
  2. The significance of embracing new cultures
    Holidays are the perfect time to throw yourself into new experiences and cultures. I’ve always been a curious traveller, fascinated by how other people live and work in different countries. The world is such an incredible place and there is so much to learn and see if you want to. This also helps put your own life into perspective which is grounding and important.This was true of Malta. I’ve never been before but I was fortunate to be staying with my good Italian friend who runs her own B&B there. As a local she was able to tell me lots about the island and the people who live there, she gave me recommendations of things to do and on the days that she had off, took me to places she likes to hang out – rather than the usual tourist hotspots. It’s obviously great to have access to this, but even if you’re visiting a totally new place and don’t know anyone, there are plenty of things you can do to explore and stumble upon places ‘off the beaten track’, as they say.You could:
    – Speak to the locals and ask for recommendations
    – Get to know the local cuisine, perhaps via a food tour
    – Search the web before your holiday for hidden places other people have found
    – Go exploring (sometimes the best way to discover new places is by getting yourself lost).So next time you’re on holiday or visiting a new place, take some time to appreciate your surroundings and get to know the local culture. That’s where the adventure lies.
  3. The true value of friendship
    We live in a world where we meet so many people. The ability to make new connections and stay in touch has never been stronger. I have friends all over the world living and working very different lives, in completely different countries and sometimes I forget how important those relationships are, just because they’re not visible in my daily life.On this particular occasion, I was visiting a friend who I met 7 years ago working in Lake Garda in Italy. We had arguably the best summer of our lives, exploring towns around the lake, sipping Aperol Spritz in the sun and partying until the early hours of the morning (as well as working in between). That was 7 years ago and although I had every intention of returning to visit, for one reason or another it didn’t happen.Luckily, Facebook meant that we could keep in touch with each other without having to be in the same country and meet face to face. I can’t believe it took 7 years, but we finally reunited and it was like no time had passed (minus the stories we had to catch up on). That’s what I call true friendship and it’s even the same with my best friends here in the UK. We don’t see each other often, but when we do everything clicks back into place and that’s what makes me happy.The message here is to cherish those friendships that are important to you, and don’t wait 7 years for your next catch up!

There you have it. 3 lessons or considerations that I want to leave you with. Now, go and take that well deserved time off work, switch off and enjoy!

A few snaps from Malta…

What friend would I be if I didn’t give a little plug at the end to Marika’s beautiful B&B? If you’re looking for a place to stay in Gozo, Malta then follow the link or message me!

10 tips for writing your PDP (personal development plan)

A personal development plan (PDP) is a structured framework used by an individual to understand their skills, learning and performance and make plans to develop these further in their career, and personal life.

I’ve learned first hand that developing your own PDP is crucial to helping you achieve your goals. It’s a structured way of helping you to think about, and unpick, what you are looking to achieve in your personal and professional life beyond the everyday stuff. It can help you to define your goals for the next 2 – 5 years and from there you can work out what skills and experiences you need to develop to be successful on your journey.

Many people who I ask have either never heard of a PDP, or have heard of it but don’t have one. Either way, I would urge you to be proactive and think about starting your own no matter what stage in your career you’re at as it’s such a useful tool.

Below, are my top 10 tips to get you started.

  1. It’s great to work from a template to help you structure your thoughts. If you’re company doesn’t have one or you’re in-between jobs then there are plenty of free templates online that you can use.
  2. Your PDP shouldn’t be limited to your current job and/or company. You should think more broadly about your aspirations and make this as personal to you as you can.
  3. I think the best place to start is to note down your interests and the things that excite you, as well as your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Using feedback from your peers and colleagues can be really useful to help inform your strengths and areas for development. If you haven’t had any feedback for a while (or previously) then choose a couple of people who you work closely with and ask them for their thoughts. I find that receiving regular feedback is crucial for development.
  5. Next, note down what you think your short (1 year), medium (2 years) and long-term (5 years) goals are. These could be progression in your role at work, moving into a new industry or it could even be to run your own farm (yes I’ve seen that)!
  6. Once you’ve figured out what your goals are you can work backwards from here, thinking about the necessary skills or experiences you might need to achieve them and why. For example, if you’re looking to get to manager and need to be able to demonstrate leadership skills so that you can lead a team, then you could seek out an opportunity or training that will help you with that.
  7. You can then cross check what you think you need to meet your goals, with your current experience and strengths and then map out the areas that you need to work on. These then become your development goals.
  8. Once you’ve listed out your core development goals, it’s good to spend some time thinking about these in detail. How will you achieve them? What training or experience do you need and how can you get it? In what timeframe are you looking to tick it off?
  9. If you can get all of the above in order then you’ll have a pretty robust PDP to start working from. I would share this with your colleagues or the people around you so that they are also aware of what you’re looking to achieve and can help you in any way possible.
  10. Your PDP should be a working document so review on a regular basis and adapt as necessary!

Hopefully sharing my approach to writing a PDP has been helpful, but I also get that for some people this might not work.

If you’re not the type of person who gets on with structure/templates/detail then another approach could be to sit down with someone you trust and ask them to help you think through what your goals could be. They can ask the questions to get you thinking and you’ll have some ideas on paper in no time. Then it’s just formatting this into something that works for you.

I’d also caveat that as much as I love a plan, you never know what opportunities are around the corner or how your circumstances might change so I’d go in to this with an open mind and some level of flexibility…

If you have any questions on this post or around writing your PDP then leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Give me the child – Mel McGrath

Imagine your doorbell rings in the middle of the night. You open the door to the police. With them is your husband’s eleven-year-old love child. A daughter you never knew he had. Her mother has been found dead in their South London flat. She has nowhere else to go. Would you take her in?

This month’s book is Mel McGrath’s latest psycho thriller, Give me the child. When I picked this book up in store and read the blurb, it gave me shivers. That’s the definition of a good elevator pitch. I immediately felt that I needed to find out who the eleven year old girl was, what had happened to her mother and why the husband had cheated in the first place? There was so much to uncover after reading just a few sentences, I was intrigued as to where the story was going and what other secrets were hiding in the pages, and I can tell you there are many. That is why I have made Give me the child book of the month. So, pick up a copy and join me in reading and reviewing this brilliant story.

My review

Mel explores the themes of infidelity, mental well-being and gas lighting in-depth in this book. It’s not your average relationship story with a few holes here and there. It’s a psycho thriller that really gets you guessing and asking questions, and just when you think you’ve figured out the story, something else happens meaning you have to think again. For me, this is what makes a story a page turner.

Mel has crafted this story in such a way that there is a slow release of information throughout, enough for you to create a first impression of the relationships and characters being explored but as you find out more you start questioning whether your original assumptions were right.

We’re all familiar with the cliché ‘husband cheats on wife and eventually gets found out’ (or the other way around) but it’s the surrounding story in this book and the deeper mental state of the characters that makes it original and really interesting. Dr Cat Lupo runs a clinic specialising in child personality disorders and Tom, her husband, is a video games designer. They have both done things in the past that they’d rather forget but instead it resurfaces, causing chaos. And on top of all of this there is a strange eleven year old girl to deal with as well.

It is clear that Mel has spent the time researching and forming her characters for this book. I can imagine there was a lot to understand before being able to write about the clinic and Cats’ work, portraying her clients and colleagues in a realistic view (I know this because she mentions it in the back of the book and thanks her contributors)! Cat is an empathetic and believable character, acting on gut instinct as any mother would in her situation.

Enjoy reading and comment with your thoughts afterwards!

April book club.

Strictly Banbury 2018 – The Results

It seems like only a few weeks ago that I was explaining that I had signed up to take part in Strictly Banbury 2018. Last weekend our hard work and training came to an end as we took to the stage to perform in a local theatre. A lot of effort went into this charity event from coordinating dancers and local heroes, dance training classes, organising the theatre and all of the backstage help, raffle prizes, trophies, judges and demos … the list goes on!

As this was a truly unique experience and has taken up the best part of 3 months, I wanted to share it with you. Be prepared for: #faketan #glitter #dresses #dancing & #trophies!

Supporting our charities

The reason why we all signed up to do this in the first place was to raise money for charity. We raised a combined total of £10,956.38 which is amazing! Broken down, we raised £7,961.63 for the 999 Services Benevolent Funds and £2,994.75 for Age UK.

Thank you to everyone who donated and supported us along the way. What a great team effort!


I remember the very first training session when we all huddled in the gym looking a bit nervous. In total there were 20 dancers and 20 local heroes who had little to no experience. We were partnered up based mainly on height and whether we could dance together. As you can imagine, if there’s a big height difference it’s a bit tricky to dance comfortably in hold!

With only 8 weeks of training we challenged our local heroes to learn the Samba (Latin) and American Smooth Foxtrot (ballroom) ready to compete during the show. Everyone picked up the steps pretty quickly meaning we could spend more time focusing on learning technique. The Samba is by no means an easy dance, especially for the guys, so a lot of time was spent looking at this specifically. Got to get the hip action right! It was tough but the unlimited supply of cake each week kept everyone motivated. In the weeks leading up to the show everyone put in some extra practices and classes and it the show as a whole was looking pretty good! With faketans booked (I’m pretty sure the men where more excited about this than the women when it came to it), nails ready and outfits sorted, we were almost ready for opening night…



We had 3 sell out shows across the weekend – Friday night, Saturday matinée and Saturday night so this in itself was pretty intense. At the same time, this allowed us to really enjoy the experience and perform more than once and when you spend so long training this is really important! It also gave us time to get used to performing and become comfortable in front of the audience and really go for it.

It worked in a similar way to BBC’s Strictly. There were 4 judges on the panel who scored both the Latin and Ballroom dances out of 10. The top 5 scoring couples were then called into the final to perform the Samba one last time. It was then left to the audience to vote for their favourite couple to win. However, so that we couldn’t guess which couples were going to make it into the final one round was blind. This meant that we only saw our scores for one of our dances and got comments on the second. This kept us waiting in anticipation to find out the results, and I can tell you that part was pretty nerve-racking!

Strictly Group Shot

In true showbiz style there was an opening number to get the crowd excited, our dance rounds but also demos from the juniors and professionals at Step-by-Step Dance School. This also allowed time for us to do quick changes and prepare for our next dance. You can imagine there were clothes, shoes, hairspray and make up everywhere you looked. By the time the Saturday evening show came around there was glitter EVERYWHERE.

Disclosure: Tammy even had the men queueing up for extra sparkles on their faces and outfits!

A few snaps from the performances….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Group freestyle

Alongside learning the Samba and Foxtrot, we split into 4 groups to choreograph our own freestyle dance.

The themes were; Disney, James Bond, Musicals and Bollywood.

I love all of these themes but when I found out I was in ‘team Disney’ I was so excited (who wouldn’t be)? We bounced a lot of ideas around including The Little Mermaid (kind of restricting), Beauty and the Beast (we had difficulty finding the right costumes) and finally we landed on Aladdin! We had so much fun choreographing this dance together. We managed to get in the Quickstep, Charleston, Cha Cha and Rumba so it was quite technical but it definitely came together after some (quite a few) extra practices after work.

Even better, there was a prize up for grabs for the best group freestyle. Question is, who won?

Turkish Delights FreestyleJames Bond freestlyeScoundrals freestyleBollywood freestyle

The results

In my eyes everyone was a winner. Everyone put their heart and soul into this show which you could see (once the nerves were out-of-the-way). Watching the local heroes grow from week 1, having never danced before, was amazing and proof that what I say about dancing is proven. Everyone can dance, it’s just about trying and enjoying it! However, as with every competition there is a final, and there are winners so here are those brilliant couples!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Friday 13 April – Evening
Louissa & Corey – 1st, Claire & Ryan – 2nd, Emma & Will – 3rd, Jess & Peter – 4th, Stacey & Connor – 5th. Group dance winners – The Punjabi Pensioners!

Saturday 14 April – Matinée
Lynn & Paul  – 1st, Wendy & Graham – 2nd, Claire & Ryan – 3rd, Tammy & Stewart – 4th, David and Eira – 5th. Group dance winners – The Punjabi Pensioners!

Saturday 14 April – Evening
Jess & Peter – 1st (WE WONNNN!), Louissa & Corey – 2nd, Rachael & John – 3rd, Emma & Will – 4th, Emma & Duncan 5th. Group dance winners….

The Punjabi Pensioners! They got the hat-trick and it was so well deserved. The audience were up on their feet dancing and cheering which is what it is all about. Well done guys!

Freestyle winners

We also had a few special awards to give out…

Most improved went to Dom.
People’s choice went to John.
Most money raised went to Jo who raised over £1000!

The celebrations continued well into the night (or morning) with a well deserved after party for all involved! Everyone was absolutely buzzing from such a brilliant weekend, you couldn’t wipe the smile from any of us. It was such a brilliant experience made even better by the fantastic individuals who organised, volunteered and took part in the event. Next stop… DVD night to watch it all back and have a giggle I’m sure!

Do you want to learn to dance?

If you fancy getting involved in the next Strictly competition or this has inspired you to take up dance lessons (which I hope it has) then you can find out more on Step by Step Dance School’s website! http://www.stepbystepdance.co.uk/

If you’re not local to Oxfordshire or Northamptonshire then have a Google to find your nearest dance school!


P.s. more pictures and potentially videos coming soon!

Where to stay in Tenerife

I don’t know about you but to me August always feels like the quietest month of the year. Probably because everyone attempts to escape the somewhat indecisive English weather for a full blown holiday in the blazing sun, somewhere exotic. I definitely fall into that category. My sister and I decided to take a week off from life and travel to the Canary Islands for some down time. Neither of us had been to Tenerife before but i’d heard good things and it ticked the boxes; sun, pool, bars and of course you can’t go on a European summer holiday without going to a waterpark. Once we had narrowed down our search to Playa las Americas, we had to choose a hotel. Have you ever spent hours searching booking.com or Trivago, seeking out the best deals? It can be so time consuming. We did know one thing, in the height of the school holidays an adult only hotel was a must.

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The London Riviera Summer Festival

I woke up this morning at 7am to a beautiful sunny day which only means one thing… it finally feels like summer! On the way into work I was contemplating my plans over the next few months, there are so many things to look forward to. For sure there is no better place to spend your summer than in the great city of London (minus the tube). There is an endless list of pop-ups, festivals, outdoor cinemas, bars, street food vendors and parties, you name it London has it. I’m pretty sure you could do something different every evening until the end of summer and still not have exhausted your options.

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Walk the Walk – uniting against breast cancer

This time last week I was gearing up to walk a marathon. It was a bit of a last minute decision, my sister wasn’t able to make it so I (some would say stupidly) offered to walk in her place to complete the team. Now I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, especially with nil training under my belt, but I have youth and fitness on my side. It’s not something that I would advise however people have done crazier things and it turned out to be a fantastic experience. So why a marathon?

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KERB London Bridge – The best of London street food

Some may say the craze for street food markets has diminished however I disagree… they’re only getting better with time and the hunger for new food stalls and a variety of flavours and ingredients is only on the high. To be honest, what better way to test and improve your menu than setting up shop in one of these markets where you can attract a large audience and receive real time feedback? Some of the best restaurants around today started as a pop up and took off due to popular demand. And with the likes of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – word of mouth and social sharing is your biggest marketing play.

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Levison Wood, my new favourite explorer

If you are anything like me and love travelling and exploring new places then you will love this one. First thing’s first, if you don’t already follow Levison Wood then you should. Ex army officer turned explorer, writer & photographer, his story is one of a kind.

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Bottomless Brunch – the only way to do it

London is famous for it’s weekend brunches. The latest breakfast trend in the capital is heading out for brunch with friends, only with unlimited alcohol (usually prosecco and mimosas) for a 2 hour window. Great right? Or very dangerous, I’ll let you decide.

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