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We Are Fstvl 2016

So the festival season has well and truly begun. This weekend alone you had Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Common People and Mutiny Music Festival to name a few. But this bank holiday my attention was turned to We Are Fstvl; a house music festival in Upminster, East London.

Summer has arrived

And so the holiday season begins, my absolute favourite time of the year. Everyone’s so much happier, there’s such a feel good vibe in the air and the obligatory holiday snaps don’t go a miss. This week I’ve been sunning it up in a small town called Carvoerio, situated in the Algarve, Portugal with some friends. We stayed in a beautiful villa just a 10 minute walk from the town which was perfect for getting to the shops, restaurants and bars. We spent the first couple of days lazing by the pool, topping up our tans (or burning for some of us) eating and of course there was a bit of drinking as well. When it hit 6pm, it was in the shower and ready to take the evening by storm. We strolled into town looking at the restaurant menus, deciding what we would like to eat – there was so much choice. Afterwards we made our way through a selection of bars including local favourites Round Up (insane karaoke nights), Carvoerio bar and Bar Six before ending …

A night at The Olivier Awards

Incredible. Amazing. Overwhelming. Fun. Ridiculous. Surreal. I could use any one or all of these words to describe my experience of the Olivier Awards. Courtesy of MasterCard, me and my housemate Callum were lucky enough to attend the award ceremony at The Royal Opera House on Sunday 3 April. Words can’t describe how excited I was. I absolutely love theatre and I’ve always wanted to attend an award ceremony like this – if I could sing and act then this is exactly where I would want to be. I thought I could only ever dream of attending yet here I was, walking down the red carpet! I get goosebumps just thinking about it. 150m, a lot of bad selfies, a few nice snaps and a run in with a celeb or two later we got to the top of the red carpet and the entrance to the ROH. It was a whirlwind 10 minutes of ‘fame’.


Today has been THE strangest Sunday ever, but a lot of fun too. My housemate Callum came across an event called The London Search Party a couple of weeks ago, sponsored by Borris Johnson, where you are given a starting venue and have to find the clues to the secret party. Sounds pretty interesting right? We weren’t sure what to expect but being new to London we thought we would give it a go! So this afternoon at 1pm myself, Callum and my other housemate Emma made our way down to the London Canal Museum for our first clue. There were 9 clues in total and in order to retrieve each clue we had to find the next location and complete a challenge (or a forfeit if w e failed). The first challenge: to taste-test tap, filtered and bottled water. This was harder than it sounds and sure enough we got it wrong so our forfeit- to sing! We sang a lovely rendition of Yellow Submarine (or hummed the tune until the chorus) before retrieving …