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Welcome to my page on the School of Marketing. If you regularly check in with this blog then you might have seen my updates over the last year about the School of Marketing and some of the initiatives we’ve been working on. As it’s a really important part of my work, I wanted to bring together the latest posts and news from the School of Marketing to make it easy for you to access the latest content.

The world of marketing is constantly changing so how can we ensure we’re keeping up to date with the latest technologies, trends and initiatives? That’s where the School of Marketing comes in. We exist to inspire and educate the next generation of marketers through a number of initiatives and learning programmes designed specifically around the changing forces of marketing.

We have an amazing advisory board of influential marketers who have years of practical experience in business to help guide the learning & development programmes and the Founding 50 (which is where I fit in): 50 young marketers from across the UK who have given up their time to inspire and educate young people to choose a career in marketing. Sound interesting? Read on to find out more.

We see marketing as a force for good. So our purpose is to encourage and inspire the younger generation to consider a career in marketing, through our school outreach programme.

School of marketing

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Click on the links below to read more about the Founding 50 and our launch event at Saatchi & Saatchi!

Sign up to The Pledge

An area that we are really keen to move forward with is to help and inspire young people from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds to get into and succeed within the industry which means breaking down the stereotypes and misconceptions that exist and championing this to open doors to all.

We’re asking marketing departments client side and agency side to sign up to the pledge and commit to ensuring your recruitment processes do not disadvantage any applicant from applying and being successful. Once in a role, we ask that these individuals are given the support and mentorship they need to thrive.

If you’re a marketing department and keen to get involved, please follow the below link to sign up to the pledge.

Latest thinking

We have an area on the School of Marketing website dedicated to sharing video and written content with special guests to break down the latest thinking in marketing.

School of Marketing

If you’re interested in enrolling in the online courses or want to find out more about who we are and what we do, then follow the link below to head to our website.