About me

Welcome to my corner of the internet. I started this blog as a way to inspire like-minded professionals who are trying to balance a demanding career with other life commitments! On here you’ll find my latest content from marketing insights and career advice to my favourite travel guides, books and lifestyle inspiration.

Why, Just Jess? Well, I knew that this site was going to be an avenue for expressing my thoughts, opinions and interests and so I wanted the name to speak to that. Just Jess is about being my authentic self, sharing content that I hope you will value and enjoy. Come and explore.

My Life Motto

“Don’t allow your life to just be fine. Or okay. Or even good. Make it brilliant, spectacular, wild, extraordinary. Fill it with excitement and adventure, be passionate and fearless, search for freedom and opportunity. You only get one life, so make it count. Make it mean something. Make it yours.”

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