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I am a marketing manager by day, currently working in professional services, and absolutely love all that comes with the job – most notably the creativity! Outside of my day job, I am a Founding 50 member of The School of Marketing, inspiring younger generations to consider a career in marketing (more info below). Building a successful career has always been my number 1 so, if you’re looking for content on the latest marketing trends, how to break into the industry or personal development hacks then you’re in the right place.

Why patience and purpose are key lessons for young marketers

In this podcast I speak to Charlotte Rogers, Senior Editor of Marketing Week, about patience and purpose are key lessons for young marketers.

Does radio have a marketing problem?

There has been a fundamental shift in people listening to the radio recently but considered less ‘sexy’ than TV, radio can be left out when marketers are designing their channel strategy. 

Online retail is on the rise, but will it be sustained?

Online shopping has become the norm for most during lockdown, but what will happen when shops reopen? I discuss in this latest article.

Inspiring the next generation of marketers.

Prioritise your personal development

5 ways to accelerate your personal development during COVID-19

We’re week 3 into lockdown in the UK and with the potential of this pandemic lasting much longer than the initial period set out by the government, I’ve been thinking of ways to use this extra time for something positive – personal development! So, here are my top 5 ideas to keep you busy during isolation.

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Lessons from 2019, hopes for 2020

As we all get ready to welcome in the new year and a new decade with family and loved ones, I like to reflect on what I have achieved and what I have learned. So, here is my year in highlights.

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