Marketing & Careers

I’m a trained marketer, and career coach, helping brands and people to reach their full potential.

I am a marketing manager by day, currently working in professional services, and absolutely love all that comes with the job – most notably the creativity! I am also an ambassador for the School of Marketing, inspiring younger generations to consider a career in marketing. 

For me continuous learning is something that I wholly champion. I am currently studying the Mini MBA in Marketing with Professor Mark Ritson and I can honestly say it’s the best training I have done to date. 

I started my writing journey with this blog! Expressing my ideas and thoughts through writing has allowed me to share a whole host of different things close to my heart with you and I enjoy every minute of it. At work, I have ghostwritten blogs for partners about all sorts of topics: I had to learn the ins and outs of blockchain so I think if I pulled that off then I can do just about anything!

If you want to collaborate, head over to my get in touch page!

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