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Travel guide: Cornwall, England

Cornwall is the new ‘hot’ destination this summer in the UK, and I’m not surprised with its gorgeous beaches, walking routes, award-winning restaurants and microclimate. This is my travel guide for anyone heading to the South West of England this summer.

Summer reading list 2020

Every summer I take a break from my monthly book club recommendations in place of my carefully crafted summer reading list. So, may I present to you my favourite book picks for summer 2020, including everything from romance and thrillers to non-fiction and personal development.

Chorizo and goats cheese pasta

This gorgeous chorizo and goats cheese pasta recipe is perfect for a weekend treat! The recipe serves 2, but you can increase or halve the ingredients to make it work for you!

“Don’t allow your life to just be fine. Or okay. Or even good. Make it brilliant, spectacular, wild, extraordinary. Fill it with excitement and adventure, be passionate and fearless, search for freedom and opportunity. You only get one life, so make it count. Make it mean something. Make it yours.”

Digital Book Club

Welcome to my digital book club!

Each month, I will recommend a great book – sometimes fiction, sometimes non-fiction, and invite you to read along and leave your comments in the post. I’ve also been trialling an Instagram Live Chat at the end of the month so make sure you tune in!