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The PwC Pantomime

Over the last 6 months, I spent a lot of my time with a professional pantomime company, at PwC, in the cast of Sleeping Beauty 2019. This was a very special experience for me as I’ve always dreamed of performing in the West End but never did I think that would come true! So as we pack away the glitter and costumes for another year I wanted to share my experience with you.

Lessons from 2018, goals for 2019

2018 is almost over, the Christmas decorations are being packed away in boxes and I’m recovering from eating and drinking far too much over the holidays. But before I welcome in the new year with friends and family, I like to spend some time reflecting on how my year has gone, what lessons I’ve learned and what I want to achieve going forward so that I start the new year on the right foot. So, here’s my year in summary.

Strictly Banbury 2018 – The Results

In February I volunteered to take part in Strictly Banbury 2018 for charity. Last weekend that came to an end as we (20 couples) took to the stage to perform. As this was a truly unique experience and has taken up the best part of 3 months, I wanted to share it with you. Be prepared for: #faketan #glitter #dresses #dancing & #trophies!