Walk the Walk – uniting against breast cancer

Walk the Walk is a grant making charity that raises money for vital breast cancer causes. The unique trademark of the moonwalk is to walk in your bra, decorated in line with the event theme, to raise awareness of the campaign – men included!


So you may be thinking how have you never been to the IMAX? It’s been around for years and is the biggest screen in Europe (no word of a lie, it’s insane)! The honest answer is I really don’t know. I certainly didn’t know what I was missing out on until the weekend just gone. If you haven’t been, you to are missing out!

Bottomless Brunch – the only way to do it

London is famous for it’s weekend brunches. The latest breakfast trend in the capital is heading out for brunch with friends, only with unlimited alcohol (usually prosecco and mimosas) for a 2 hour window. Great right? Or very dangerous, I’ll let you decide.

Hansel & Gretel on The West End

Every year over 200 employees and alumni dedicate their spare time to producing the renowned PwC Pantomime which is a charitable theatrical production thats core aim is to give kids an experience that brings them joy and (hopefully) nurtures a life-long love of the performing arts and this year I got the opportunity to help choreograph!

The Championships Wimbledon 2016

When it was announced that tickets were going on sale for middle Sunday, my housemate and I jumped at the chance to get hold of some. It’s only the 4th middle Sunday to be played in the 130 year history! I knew it would be a special day out and a chance to find a new found love in tennis (our hobby  of choice this summer but we haven’t played once).

A vote to leave the EU

Today’s result to leave the EU shocked millions across the UK and I’m sure Europe and the rest of the world, myself included. You have to ask yourself how many people were fully engaged in the debate and analysed the facts before voting. Nonetheless there is no point in dwelling on it, we need to now think about our futures.

5 Ideas For World Gin Day

Recently there seems to be a ‘day’ dedicated to all walks of life. I don’t remember there ever being this many days dedicated to your favourite foods, drinks or wildlife! It was national burger day last week and lucky for us, it’s World Gin day this Saturday 11 June! (Who even makes this stuff up?)

GAIL’s Artisan Bakery

Everyone looks forward to the weekend. It’s a chance to wind down from work, forget about that report due in Monday, catch up with friends (nobody bats an eyelid if you are brunching with prosecco at 11am, this is just a warm up for the rest of the weekend) and for some it’s time to fit…

We Are Fstvl 2016

So the festival season has well and truly begun. This weekend alone you had Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Common People and Mutiny Music Festival to name a few. But this bank holiday my attention was turned to We Are Fstvl; a house music festival in Upminster, East London.

The McConie Company’s Jekyll and Hyde

Earlier this week (24.05.16) my step mum and I went to see Jekyll and Hyde at The Old Vic Theatre in Waterloo, a new dance thriller choreographed by Drew McConie. If you’ve read my previous post about the Olivier Awards you may recognise Drew’s name as he won an Olivier for Best Theatre Choreographer for his work on…