April 2018 – How to be an overnight success

I came across this book on social media and immediately wanted to read it. Maria Hatzistefanis, founder and CEO of Rodial, shares her journey to success and tips and advice for following your dreams! This is an honest account of what it takes to run your own business and deal with everything that comes from being a global success. For anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur or if you’re into your beauty and fashion then this is a must read.

Networking: back to basics

In the Autumn I ran a session for sales and marketing executives titled the art of networking. People often feel insecure or out of their comfort zone when put in a room full of strangers and quite frankly find the situation awkward. I know I did before I started attending 2 events a week. I think practice is the key here. So for those of you who find that networking doesn’t come naturally to you, I’ve included some of my top tips to help you. These worked for me, so hopefully they’ll work for you too!