Hi there new-years-eve-2016

I’m Jess. An independent londoner (I’ve lived here a year and a half now so I think that counts), 24 years of age. By day I’m a marketing exec, social media enthusiast and supporter of gender diversity in media. By about 5pm all thoughts turn to food & drink, catching up with friends, writing & reading and of course catching up on those all important box sets. In and amongst that I keep fit and healthy at the gym, I love to dance and try to maintain a balanced diet to fuel my energy!

I’m always curious to hear how others live around the world. Travelling is a gift and the fact that today we can move between countries so easily and really understand and experience first hand the vast differences across the world fascinates and excites me. At times we can all become culprits of living life inside our own bubble but it’s good to look outside of that bubble once in a while. My dreams are full of adventures.

Growing up I loved to read. I had such a vivid imagination (I still do I think!), which lent itself well to writing stories. Now I can combine my love for storytelling and writing in a succinct way that fits in with my lifestyle and is easy for others to read. Hopefully these will inspire, make you think, encourage you to try something new or just make you smile.

Enjoy the reading!

Just Jess x


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