Old about me

Welcome to Just Jess – my business and lifestyle blog.

This blog has been designed to inspire like-minded professionals who are trying to balance a demanding career with other life commitments! 

I share tips and hacks on how to juggle priorities such as health, relationships and career whilst ensuring you leave enough time for self-care and of course, fun!


I am a marketing manager by day and absolutely love all that comes with the job – most importantly the creativity! Outside of my day job I am a Founding 50 member of The School of Marketing, inspiring younger generations to consider a career in marketing. Personal development and building a successful career has always been my number 1 so, if you’re looking for content on the latest marketing trends, how to break into the industry or personal development hacks then check out this area of my blog.


When I’m not busy working or writing, you’ll find me curled up with a great book! My love of reading started from a young age, it’s my way of relaxing and getting lost in imagination for a few hours. I want to encourage more people to read so I have set up my very own digital book club. Each month I send out a recommendation and you can join in by reading and commenting with your thoughts.


Your health and wellbeing is the most important thing in this world and should be prioritised above all else. Finding balance can be difficult, especially in today’s society that is so fast paced – I learned the hard way and know what it’s like to have your body shut down and say enough is enough. That’s why wellbeing is such an important part of this blog. I want to share my tips to help you avoid a similar situation and succeed in achieving that work-life balance.

Food & Travel

I am a huge foodie. My family all work in the food industry so food has always been a big part of my life, whether that’s cooking up new recipes for friends and family or dining out at the best new restaurants. This is also a key theme when I travel. This section of my blog will provide you with plenty of ideas for new recipes, restaurants and destinations to visit around the world.

Let’s work together.

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