Advertising Week Europe: Lessons from day 2

With all the excitement of Ad Week and balancing work, I have to admit I didn’t quite get around to writing a blog a day like I had planned however I’m still going to be posting summaries from each day over the next few weeks.

For me, day 2 was all about female empowerment and learning about some completely new areas such as the gaming industry. This is what the week is all about – taking the opportunity to learn new things!

Advice from female leaders

On Tuesday afternoon I heard from a panel of inspirational female leaders from different walks of life who have overcome failures and celebrated triumphs throughout their careers. Listening to their stories was both incredibly interesting and emotional but what I took away from this session were words of wisdom to anyone looking to progress in their career.

The panellists included:
Karen Stacey – CEO, Digital Cinema Media
Rebecca Holman – Lifestyle Editorial Director, Bauer Media
Abbie Scott – Professional Rugby player
Seema Jaswal – TV and Radio Presenter
Larissa Vince – Managing Director, Saatchi & Saatchi London

They spoke a lot about what it takes to become a leader, with emotional intelligence being absolutely crucial in being able to leading people and teams effectively in the future.

Some of the other key takeaways included:

Be your own boss.
This is all about taking control of your own career path, showing up in your job and personal life and being the best version of yourself.

It’s a marathon not a sprint.
Too often in life we are always hungry to get to the next step in our career or get started on the ‘next thing’ whatever that might be. This takeaway is just a reminder that it’s a marathon not a sprint and therefore you should enjoy the journey that you’re on whilst striving to meet your goals in the long term and don’t forget to live in the ‘now’! This is actually something I’ve been learning myself recently and definitely rang true for me.

Be prepared to sacrifice.
This is a piece of advice that Seema shared with us. At some point in all of our lives it’s likely that we’ll need to sacrifice certain things but as long as the role you’re in is something that you really want (if we’re talking career) then sacrificing other things won’t seem as difficult but you need to know what you want.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for help.
I think this applies to everything in life but just to reiterate it’s ok the ask for help and to ask questions as people are there to help you!

I left the room feeling like a badass leader with a boost in confidence and feeling inspired to go and ‘get it’!

Growth in the gaming industry & the opportunity for advertisers

So I know the gaming industry is big, however, what I hadn’t anticipated was how big and the rate at which it is growing today, predicted to be worth $400bn by 2028! This was a truly fascinating and engaging session where we heard from the brilliant Ian Livingstone on the history of the gaming industry and why it is so important in society today.

Ian pointed out one really important thing – game skills are life skills. This is important to recognise. Traditionally the gaming industry has got a lot of stick and I know in today’s society there is a worry that young children and teenagers are spending far too much time in front of their TV/computer/mobile phone screens dedicated to game play. However, games help you to develop problem-solving skills (after all this is what makes it a game) and they can be educational, historical, geographical and business orientated which provides all sorts of learning opportunities. I guess it’s just a case of balancing this with other activities.

Due to the growing nature of the industry, there are also opportunities for advertisers to play in this space. We know that live gameplay is being streamed and so for people consuming this, there are options to advertise alongside. There’s also been a rise in partnerships within the gaming industry and the introduction of rewarded advertising where users get a benefit they can use in app so therefore they don’t mind seeing the advertising involved. This provides a value exchange and therefore both the advertiser and consumer are happy!

We’ve all seen and heard about the Pokemon phenomenon but Ian predicts that we’ll start to see quality AR taking off in early 2020, with VR capability later on. I think this will be where it starts to get interesting for gaming companies and advertisers alike!

I think it’s just a really interesting industry to look at and learn from. Everyone in the world plays games whether thats console, PC or mobile and therefore the opportunities are endless.

Networking & DCM Film Club

I spent my Tuesday evening enjoying the networking session courtesy of The Stylist. I was walking around the room taking in the exhibition and when artist Paula Zuccotti got up on stage to explain her work, I thought it was a genius idea! In short they asked readers to document everything they touched in 24 hours and then were invited to Paula’s studio where she created a mood board detailing this. This allowed The Stylist to really understand their readers and profile their uniqueness. Such a great idea, I’d love to see what my mood board would look like!

After some networking it was time for the new Captain Marvel film with DCM Film Club which was insane!

It was such a fab day which left me excited for what the next 2 days had in store!

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