I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons by Kevin Hart

This month I’ve changed up my reading pattern by switching to audio books. I’ve never really listened to an audiobook, I prefer having a hard copy in my hand, but I had a few credits to use on my audible account so thought I’d give it a go!

I have a great one to share with you for book club this month that was actually recommended to me by a colleague. Here it is.

Book Club: October 2018

This month’s recommendation is completely different to what I’ve been reading recently, and it’s been refreshing. Introducing you to Kevin Hart’s memoir, I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons.

This is the life story of the famous comedian and actor Kevin Hart, written and narrated by, Kevin Hart. Despite his tough upbringing and the knockbacks he faced, Kevin defied the odds and followed his dream of becoming one of the world’s most successful stand-up comedians. He shares an inspiring story about survival, success and the importance of believing in yourself.

Kevin takes you on his journey from what his life was to what it is now in 100 chapters, with no details left unsaid. I know what you’re thinking, 100 chapters is a lot but they’re not long chapters and it breaks up the different elements of the story well. Having said that, he does start to run out of names for each chapter a third of the way through the book, which is funny in itself.

What I really admire is Kevin’s positive outlook on life, even in the darkest of times. His ability to turn an ugly situation into something funny and look on the bright side is amazing. You’re bound to learn a thing or two if you read this.

I’m currently half way through and there isn’t a moment where I haven’t smiled or giggled to myself (or the whole tube carriage) so far.

I will warn you that there’s quite a lot of swearing and rude material, but if that doesn’t phase you then it’s definitely worth a download.

Some wisdom from Kevin

Just like a book has chapters, Kevin Hart sees life as a collection of chapters that each person gets to write for himself or herself.

“Not only do you get to choose how you interpret each chapter, but your interpretation writes the next chapter,” he says. “So why not choose the interpretation that serves your life the best?”

I absolutely love this as I’ve always viewed my life as a series of stories that I’m writing and shaping as I go. He couldn’t have put the words together better.

Audio vs book

The big question. Do you buy the book or the audio version? Normally I would’ve said the book but I feel for this one, in particular, you wouldn’t get the full effect if you just read the book. There is something about Kevin narrating his own story, that makes it funnier and more real. You are transported to the centre of every situation he finds himself in, and feel the emotion he feels just by hearing him talk aloud. It’s almost an experience as well as a story.

One piece of advice if you choose the audio version… don’t listen to it on the loudest your earphones will go when you’re on a quiet, busy train or you might find people staring at you with a funny look, oops!

Enjoy 🙂

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