4 essentials for running an effective team meeting

This time last week I was sitting on a train from Leeds back to London, reflecting on my trip with work colleagues.

We wanted to trial a new idea to bring our marketing teams from London and the regions closer together, and to soften the expectations that everything happens in London. It’s a challenge that I hear a lot from large businesses and although advancements in technology mean that we are much better virtually connected today, it still doesn’t replace the value of meeting in person.

We’ve come up with a pretty good formula. It’s called marketing on tour. Here’s how it went…

The big idea 

Rather than always hosting team meetings in London, we wanted to try hosting a meeting in one of our regional offices… queue marketing on tour.

Our objectives were to:

  • Build morale
  • Generate excitement
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Educate & inform
  • Communicate successes

This was as much about bringing the teams together, as it was about learning and sharing insights that we could take back to our day jobs.


We had a pretty packed agenda to get through to make the most of our time together. We split the day into 4 core areas which I believe make up the key ingredients to a successful team away day.

  1. Meeting new colleagues & learning about the region
  2. Gaining an understanding of how the business operates in that market
  3. Deep dive learning sessions
  4. A ‘fun’ team building activity

I always think it’s important to combine local knowledge, with learning and activities that will benefit the team and the work they’re doing, but also introduce something that’s a little ‘outside of the box’. For this trip, the split was about 30:50:20 and it worked really well.

5-minute masterclasses

When you’re trying to boost morale, generate excitement and ultimately get a team working together, planning a team-building exercise has to be a core component. And not just the standard team building, but try to think differently and create an idea that allows your team to really get to know each other, as this is the best way to get everyone working effectively.

My favourite part of the day was discovering that outside of our day jobs we all have some pretty unique talents. For our team building activity, we took it in turns to deliver a 5-minute masterclass in anything we wanted and there was such a mix!

Some of the highlights include:

  • How to tip a can of red bull upside but nothing falls out *AKA Party Trick*
  • 7 steps for starting a blog
  • The 7 wonders of Australia according to Liz
  • How to do henna, well
  • Considerations when relocating to work abroad
  • How to make the best paper aeroplane
  • How to plan a content campaign in 3 minutes
  • How to plan a novel
  • An introduction to Roller Derby.

Who knew we had all of these talents within the team! Some were more marketing and work-based but some were completely random which made it all the more interesting. What’s more, this part of the day ticked all of our objectives in one!


To end a successful day we headed out to the pub for some well-earned drinks and a quiz to go head-to-head. The quiz was based on the content of the day to test how much we remembered and was a good way to bring the day to a close.

It’s been a pretty busy time recently with lots of changes happening in the business so it was great to spend a day with colleagues I don’t see often enough and to welcome new colleagues that have just joined the firm. I think it’s safe to say that the objectives were met, we learned a lot about the region and we came away having learned new skills. The biggest success for me, however, was that we bonded as a team.

Roll on the next date for marketing on tour!

If you have any questions on the above, just get in touch or leave a comment 🙂