Health & Wellbeing: 3 lessons from Malta

In my last blog post, I highlighted the importance of prioritising your own health and wellbeing by making informed lifestyle choices and taking care of yourself. In my mind, a core part of this is taking time out of everyday life to relax and escape, because in our high pressured jobs and environment everyone needs a little break. This could be that 2 week holiday you’ve been saving for or just simply relaxing at home. One thing I do know is that it’s good for the mind, body and soul.

Last week I was on holiday in Malta, visiting an old friend, and had time to reflect. I spent less time connected to the internet and more time appreciating my surroundings and company. One evening on my way out, I realised how relaxed and happy I felt, full of positive energy. I haven’t been that chilled in a long time and it felt great! It struck me that this was because I had disconnected myself from everyday life and was truly living in the moment.

I thought about this some more on my journey home and want to share with you 3 lessons that I learned whilst I was away.

3 lessons from Malta

  1. The importance of digital dieting
    Firstly, what is a digital diet? It is basically about reducing the time spent on your digital devices, to switch off from the online world and spend more time focused on the real world that we live in. The average person checks their phone 85 times a day without even realising it, which is incredible and somewhat scary. Going on a digital diet is really about minimising the noise and switching off.Think about this concept for a minute. If you’re not checking your phone 85 times a day, what could you be doing with that time instead? There are so many benefits of digital dieting such as the ability to connect with the people around you on a much deeper level, enjoying each moment as it comes because you’re truly focused and ultimately feeling less stressed and more relaxed. So what’s not to love?Whilst in Malta I limited the amount of time I spent on my phone considerably, and in doing so felt so much more relaxed in myself. I wasn’t trying to keep up with the latest news on social media or updates from friends in my news feed. Instead, I spent a lot more time exploring the island, taking in the views and spending quality time with my friends. For this, I felt amazing. I encourage you to give this a try.
  2. The significance of embracing new cultures
    Holidays are the perfect time to throw yourself into new experiences and cultures. I’ve always been a curious traveller, fascinated by how other people live and work in different countries. The world is such an incredible place and there is so much to learn and see if you want to. This also helps put your own life into perspective which is grounding and important.This was true of Malta. I’ve never been before but I was fortunate to be staying with my good Italian friend who runs her own B&B there. As a local she was able to tell me lots about the island and the people who live there, she gave me recommendations of things to do and on the days that she had off, took me to places she likes to hang out – rather than the usual tourist hotspots. It’s obviously great to have access to this, but even if you’re visiting a totally new place and don’t know anyone, there are plenty of things you can do to explore and stumble upon places ‘off the beaten track’, as they say.You could:
    – Speak to the locals and ask for recommendations
    – Get to know the local cuisine, perhaps via a food tour
    – Search the web before your holiday for hidden places other people have found
    – Go exploring (sometimes the best way to discover new places is by getting yourself lost).So next time you’re on holiday or visiting a new place, take some time to appreciate your surroundings and get to know the local culture. That’s where the adventure lies.
  3. The true value of friendship
    We live in a world where we meet so many people. The ability to make new connections and stay in touch has never been stronger. I have friends all over the world living and working very different lives, in completely different countries and sometimes I forget how important those relationships are, just because they’re not visible in my daily life.On this particular occasion, I was visiting a friend who I met 7 years ago working in Lake Garda in Italy. We had arguably the best summer of our lives, exploring towns around the lake, sipping Aperol Spritz in the sun and partying until the early hours of the morning (as well as working in between). That was 7 years ago and although I had every intention of returning to visit, for one reason or another it didn’t happen.Luckily, Facebook meant that we could keep in touch with each other without having to be in the same country and meet face to face. I can’t believe it took 7 years, but we finally reunited and it was like no time had passed (minus the stories we had to catch up on). That’s what I call true friendship and it’s even the same with my best friends here in the UK. We don’t see each other often, but when we do everything clicks back into place and that’s what makes me happy.The message here is to cherish those friendships that are important to you, and don’t wait 7 years for your next catch up!

There you have it. 3 lessons or considerations that I want to leave you with. Now, go and take that well deserved time off work, switch off and enjoy!

A few snaps from Malta…

What friend would I be if I didn’t give a little plug at the end to Marika’s beautiful B&B? If you’re looking for a place to stay in Gozo, Malta then follow the link or message me!

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