Keeping up with marketing trends whilst juggling your day job, hobbies and a social life can often seem impossible. It is another item on your to-do list that might be dropping off as other things take priority. For others, it might not even be close to feature on your to-do list. I would say that it is absolutely important to make time for this even if it’s a quick half hour a week.

The world is changing at a pace and if you don’t keep up you risk being left behind. It is also really beneficial for your own personal development. If you haven’t got your eye on the latest trends then how can you be at the top of your game offering fresh insights and ideas to bring to your campaigns and projects?

Being in the marketing industry allows us to be creative in our approach to all things content, promotion, events, audience targeting and so on, so we should make the most of that. You need materials to stimulate the brain and reading about, and seeing ideas from, different industries and brands do just that for me. I often look for inspiration outside of my day job to avoid everything from becoming too much of the same. I remember being told at uni by our advertising lecturer to go outside, explore and find an interesting space to help us think as you rarely come up with a creative solution sitting in a dusty old room, staring at a blank piece of paper (although maybe this works for some). I think there’s an element of truth to that.

A few colleagues, new into marketing, have asked me if there is anything in particular that I read to keep up with marketing and industry trends. As promised, I sent them some links to sites and magazines that I find particularly useful and so I thought I’d share them here as well. My favourite is AW360… absolutely obsessed!

  1. AW360
    I’m a big fan of everything that Advertising Week do, especially their annual event in London, although if you’re based in other parts of the world they hold conferences worldwide. They cover everything under the umbrella of advertising and marketing including trends, technology, case studies, awards and even regulation that impacts the industry. If I had to pick just one thing to read it would be this one.
  2. Campaign Magazine
    Campaign takes me back to university as this is what we were advised to read to help us with our studies. We used it to research, gain ideas and inspiration for our projects and also to understand what’s hot in the market to inform pieces like our dissertation. It even has a job board which is really useful if you’re looking for your first role or a change of scenery. You do need an account to access the content here and if you opt for a free account you only have access to a limited number of articles but there are plenty of membership offers to suit different needs, so take a look and see if it works for you.
  3. Marketing Week
    Similarly, you need to register for free to access Marketing Week’s content but it doesn’t take long and is worth it. They write about the opportunities and challenges of emerging technology, the need for greater effectiveness when running campaigns and challenges around measuring ROI, something we all battle with.
  4. PM Forum
    The PM Forum is a bit different and I must say this is primarily geared towards B2B companies although I think it’s important to review what’s happening in both B2B and B2C. We can learn from each other. I’m a member of the PM Forum through my company and they run really interesting events and also produce a monthly magazine speaking on hot topics related to their member companies. One worth checking out.

You probably hear this all the time but there is so much content out there it’s hard to add a filter to find what’s relevant and useful to you. I like these particular publications as I know they produce good quality, interesting content and case studies that I could use in my job. Sometimes I’ll never think of the stories I read again, other times they will spark an idea that works for a campaign I’m running. You just never know when that piece of content you read on the way into work one morning will help you!

I will try to give you updates via my blog of new and interesting trends that I discover along the way and don’t forget to share yours.


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