Siam Park, Tenerife

In my last blog post I wrote about my summer holiday to Tenerife with Lauren, which seems like an age ago now. Autumn appears to have arrived early by my books and I wasn’t quite prepared for it. So, before we say goodbye to the sun there are a few more posts that I wanted to share with you.

Before heading to Tenerife Lauren’s one request was to go to a water park. I’m sure a lot of us have fond memories of running around the water parks on holiday when we were young, on and off the slides, perhaps we even have some funny stories to tell. I’ve got one or two I could share off the top of my head. At first I thought it was a pretty funny request considering we’re in our 20s and we were on holiday without any kids, but I think the truth is your never too old to go to a water park. You’re never too old to have fun. This certainly transpired when we discovered this gem of a water park hidden away in the mountains.


Siam Park is voted #1 water park in the world, something we didn’t realise until later although we definitely left agreeing it was the best water park we’d ever been to. Just a 5 minute taxi ride from our hotel it was in a perfect location. However, this wasn’t just your ordinary day at a busy waterpark. When booking our tickets we were told that the park opens from 10am – 6pm everyday, however on Fridays and Saturdays during July and August the park opens for a special night-time session between 8pm – 12pm, Siam Nights. We immediately looked at each other in excitement. For some reason the thought of flying down the slides in the dark made it that much more appealing. We were sold when we found out that the park tends to be 70% less busy during the night session. Music is played throughout the park with a DJ taking to the decks in the main beach club and cocktails and champagne on flow. How much more tailored for adults can a waterpark get?

Tip: If you can, buy your tickets in advance to avoid the queues and it easiest to get a taxi rather than waiting for the bus transfer to show, plus the taxi ride is only around 5-7 euros from Playa las Americas, totally worth it.

We ended up sharing a taxi with a lovely Scottish couple, having waited at the bus stop for 30 minutes and no sign of the bus. Because we had pre-booked our tickets, we were able to go straight in. This was unlike any water park I’d ever seen. The Thai theme was beautifully executed across all of the rides, buildings and restaurants, it felt quite magical! We dropped our bags and clothes off at the locker room. All of a sudden we felt like kids again, running around excited every time we came across a new slide, not knowing what to go on first! I won’t give you a complete run down of our evening however there are a couple of highlights that I would recommend.


Mai Thai River. Everybody loves a lazy river, especially when you can float around in a doughnut, not giving a care in the world. This was a particularly well thought out lazy river with plenty of turns, twists and water fountains. We missed it on our first time round but there is a second part to the attraction that takes you up a conveyor belt on your ring and then it turns into a full blow slide. Unexpected but great. I would also suggest going on this later on the evening because they heat the water up, very welcomed when you’ve been in and out of the cold water all evening.

Singha. The Singha is the newest attraction at Siam Park and it didn’t disappoint. Seating 4 people to a ring (don’t worry they put you with other people in the queue if there’s only 2 or 3 of you) this one is sure to lift your adrenaline. The fastest water slide out there, it has 14 direction changes and climbs and falls when you least expect it.

Tower of Power. I have to admit, I straight up chickened out. This one looks like the iconic slide from The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas if you know which one I mean. Shooting you from the top of a tower, within seconds you’re passing through a huge aquarium full of sharks and rays and ending up with an all mighty splash at the bottom. We watched people coming down and it was tempting but the thought of potentially flying off the actual slide was too scary. I kind of wish I’d just made myself do it, so give this one a go if you can stomach it.

Each time we thought we’d experienced the best slide, a new twist or turn would appear, we’d be launched into what felt like the sky and I can honestly say my adrenaline levels were as high as they’d be at a theme park. The only thing I wish I had done was taken a GoPro with me to capture the fun! If you find yourself in Tenerife, you have to add this water park to your list!

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