The London Riviera Summer Festival

I woke up this morning at 7am to a beautiful sunny day which only means one thing… it finally feels like summer! On the way into work I was contemplating my plans over the next few months, there are so many things to look forward to. For sure there is no better place to spend your summer than in the great city of London (minus the tube). There is an endless list of pop-ups, festivals, outdoor cinemas, bars, street food vendors and parties, you name it London has it. I’m pretty sure you could do something different every evening until the end of summer and still not have exhausted your options.

I’m now sat at my desk with a coffee in my hand looking out across the Thames at Tower Bridge. I know, lucky to have that view right? It never gets old. In the reflection of the window one thing stands out to me. I can see the green of palm trees, wooden huts with a sign reading bar and food, lots of yellows, oranges and pinks. There are chairs and tables for people to sit and relax and a large screen has been built at the bottom of the scoop. This can only mean one thing. The London Riviera festival is here! Have you been before? If the answer is no, then prepare to add this to your list of activities this summer even if you only get down here once.

Opening today, 1 June, London Riviera boasts a line up of brilliant entertainment each evening until 31 August. You’ll find anything from live music performances, comedy acts, dance lessons, outdoor cinema, the circus, mass-karaoke and of course the all important screenings of The Wimbledon Championships. The great thing about London Riviera is that it is completely free unless you’re planning on indulging in tacos from Taco Revolution (must try) and cocktails so no excuses!

London Riviera

I urge you to go onto the website, sign up for your free cocktail, and checkout the calendar to find your favourite activity! In the words of the London Riviera, grab a cocktail, recline on a sun lounge, pull up a flamingo and WELCOME TO THE LONDON RIVIERA!

I should probably get back to work now, have a great day everyone and hope to see you down there!

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