KERB London Bridge – The best of London street food

Some may say the craze for street food markets has diminished however I disagree… they’re only getting better with time and the hunger for new food stalls and a variety of flavours and ingredients is only on the high. To be honest, what better way to test and improve your menu than setting up shop in one of these markets where you can attract a large audience and receive real time feedback? Some of the best restaurants around today started as a pop up and took off due to popular demand. And with the likes of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – word of mouth and social sharing is your biggest marketing play.

Living in London gives you a lot of options. There are so many food markets set up across the capital, we are spoilt for choice and as summer nears, this choice is only going to expand. With festivals, live music events, outdoor cinema clubs – you name it, where there’s an event there is a need for food and pop up food stalls are usually first choice.

When I heard that KERB was coming to London Bridge I got very excited. I previously worked in Kings Cross and so this was my go to as a Friday treat. Now KERB has set up shop outside of my office on Thursday and Friday lunchtimes. And at the same price as a drink, sandwich and snack in Pret – I know which I would rather. That’s what’s great about food stalls – you can try something completely new and it doesn’t matter if it’s not quite for you because it isn’t pricey and then at least you are broadening your tastebuds. I popped to KERB on Friday lunchtime with my colleague as we had been at the CIM Awards the night before. Let’s just say we needed some ‘proper’ food. For me, Anna Mae’s Mac n Cheese was calling. I had heard good things; it did not disappoint. I even claimed on Instagram that it was the best mac n cheese I had tasted, which is true.

The great thing about KERB is that is is constantly evolving and changing so there is always something new to try. Head down at lunchtime, but be sure to get there early to avoid the mile long queues! And for those who don’t live or work in the London Bridge area, you can always try one of the many other locations across London.

Let me know who your favourite vendor is!

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