So you may be thinking how have you never been to the IMAX? It’s been around for years and is the biggest screen in Europe (no word of a lie, it’s insane)! The honest answer is I really don’t know. I certainly didn’t know what I was missing out on until the weekend just gone.

My brother, Max, came to visit me in London for Easter. We’re both big fans of The Fast and Furious franchise so as a treat I booked us tickets at the IMAX to see F8. We got to Waterloo and wondered around for a few minutes wondering how to find the underpass – we found it (just outside of the station and down some steps). We walked in. Ben & Jerry’s counter, check! For me, buying a Ben & Jerry’s core sundae with all of the toppings has become a bit of a ‘thing’. I don’t normally eat it but going to the cinema is an excuse to indulge, so why not go all out! On this occasion we were so full from our pizza beforehand that we decided to pass but all the same, Ben & Jerry’s is there should you wish to have some.

When we walked into the screen I could hardly believe my eyes it was just SO big. Over 20m high. If you’ve been before then you’ll understand why I was completely in awe. We made it to our seats and just took it all in for a few minutes. Now I really couldn’t wait for the film to start! The trailers began. The surround sound, the picture quality, the colour… it was all so sharp. It was very quickly becoming my favourite place and the perfect setting for such an intense, action packed movie where the noise of the engine rules.


Before the film officially started one of the employees came on to the mic (that’s right they had a microphone in the cinema) to do a welcome speech. I’ve never seen that before! He talked through the usuals; no filming, take your phone outside if you need to make a call and ensure it’s on silent, exit at the back of the room, he even threw a few jokes in there. Then he wrapped it up quickly so that we could get on with the movie. The lights went down and the film began.

Now don’t worry, I don’t want give anything away and I wouldn’t do so without flagging the obligatory spoiler alert but let’s just say there are some great onscreen double acts, a lot of laughs and bigger and bolder stunts (how, I have no idea). Oh, and one very exciting addition to the family! So if you don’t want to miss out on the latest instalment then I suggest you get to the cinema soon, but be quick if you want to see it at the IMAX in Waterloo as you only have 1 day left!

And if this isn’t your cup of tea there are so many other movies set to be released at the IMAX in the coming months so there is sure to be something for everyone. Trust me, it’s worth the visit.

P.s. the soundtrack is also worth checking out! Try Spotify.

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