Bottomless Brunch – the only way to do it

London is famous for it’s weekend brunches. The latest breakfast trend in the capital is heading out for brunch with friends, only with unlimited alcohol (usually prosecco and mimosas) for a 2 hour window. Great right? Or very dangerous, I’ll let you decide.

This weekend it was a friends birthday so a bunch of us girls got together to celebrate which was great fun, and what better way to start a day of celebrations than with a bottomless brunch! We met up in Bad Egg , Moorgate, and as soon as we sat down at the table sure enough the waiter came along with jugs of prosecco and orange juice to top us up. I’ve done a few bottomless brunches before but this one was by far the best in terms of choice for food but also the generosity of the restaurant when it came to topping up your glass – never an empty one in sight.


After introductions and a catch up with some of the old work gals, we got around to ordering food. I knew straight away that I wanted the macanchini (mac n cheese fried balls), cheeseburger hash and then pancakes but with what topping?! In the end I opted for a sensible banana and maple syrup, without the fried chicken, which I think was a good choice. Somehow that combo just feels wrong! We were probably 8 glasses down before the food came out so pretty tipsy but loving life! The food was very much appreciated and tasted awesome – it hit the spot.

Just before our 2 hours were up, the waiter came around to give us one more top up before we had to leave – bonus! One more glass of prosecco… probably one too many. It was a great way to kick off the afternoon, and as this was a birthday celebration it obviously didn’t end there, bring on the bar crawl! I don’t think I need to get into detail about the rest of the day, probably just note that I lasted roughly 9 hours and then had to call it night!

If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy brunch then Bad Egg is a must however, do proceed with caution and be sure to keep some paracetamol stashed at home to sort the morning headache!

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