Troon, Scotland

With half of my family being Scottish I’ve spent weeks during the summer holidays up here but this is probably the first time I’ve jumped on a plane to visit for a long weekend, and in the midst of winter. “You’re mad” my colleagues said, ‘it’s cold and snowy up there’ as if Scotland is a distant land far far away from London. To be fair, they weren’t wrong… each day has drawn colder and when the wind hits, it’s bitterly cold. Good job I brought a hat.

You may or may not have heard of Troon. It’s a quiet seaside town on the west coast of Scotland, probably most famous for its ties to golf. Many a championship played on the Royal Troon Golf Course. I’ve always loved how idyllic it is here, small town on the seaside & harbour. It’s so peaceful.


I arrived on Thursday evening and it was pretty mild outside – I would’ve said London was colder that day.  On Friday morning I woke and the sun was almost peeping through the clouds, it was probably the best it was going to get all weekend so time to hit the beach! After a coffee and rolls & sausage (sliced sausage that is – the best only found in Scotland) I wrapped up and set off for a walk with my grandparents. The beach is rather rustic compared with your golden sandy dunes you might find abroad but that’s probably down to the weather and the fact that it’s edging onto the North Atlantic. There’s a lot of seaweed which has always freaked me out but once you get over that, it’s a pleasant view. Locals were out walking their dogs – at one stage a big lab was being chased in circles by 2 wee dogs which was pretty funny, owners chasing after them and all. We cut up across the golf course and I got to explore the grounds as we made our way back to the car. There’s a lot of history in the town but my favourite story was of the dinner dances in the hotel overlooking the sea. People got all dressed up for dinner in the restaurant and then danced the night away to the live band – we need to bring these back!

On the way home we took a detour to Troon Harbour where we got a glass of wine (or two) in Scott’s, a stylish restaurant and bar over looking the boats. It’s a great place if your interested in boats – apparently my dad and his friends spent many an afternoon in there drinking beer and talking boats!


If you’re looking for a quiet getaway then Troon is a great place. With close links to Glasgow there is plenty of variety and you can even pop over to the Isle of Arran for a day or two for something different. Just remember your layers and that all important hat so you don’t get caught in the cold.

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