Everyone looks forward to the weekend. It’s a chance to wind down from work, forget about that report due in Monday, catch up with friends (nobody bats an eyelid if you are brunching with prosecco at 11am, this is just a warm up for the rest of the weekend) and for some it’s time to fit in a regular exercise regime.

This weekend my ‘wind down’ session consisted of walking along Abbeville Road in Clapham to Gail’s Bakery for a morning coffee and croissant with my house mate Callum. Having heard rave reviews, it’s been on my list for a while and this weekend just seemed like a good time to go. The morning’s in London are always buzzing just as much as the evenings – there are couples out on walks, joggers, families getting the chores done before the  weekend properly begins and friends out for brunch.

We arrived at Gail’s and I was immediately impressed at the display of treats on offer (below) – I mean how could you not be, it looks amazing! No matter what you’re after, they’ve got it. Breakfast pots, juice, pastries, cakes, sandwiches, panini’s and sausage rolls; I also saw a couple eating a full English breakfast so you really can’t be disappointed with choice.

Amazing food display - Gail's

We both ordered lattes; Callum got a croissant and I went for a slice of banana loaf cake. Cake is not a favourite of mine but I couldn’t resist this. We decided to sit by the window on the breakfast tables so that we could people watch. Low and behold we spotted superman – a dad was out walking with a double buggy, a dog, a scooter, had picked up the dry cleaning and did a food shop! Now that’s called multitasking. Don’t you just love people watching.

The coffee was gorgeous and had a good amount of froth on the top (my fav bit), the banana loaf very dense but unworldly. Some of the treats were a little pricey (sandwiches at £6) but I would definitely recommend you visit Gail’s at least once, my coffee and cake came to just over £5 which really isn’t bad and there’s absolutely no comparison to Starbucks or Costa. You can also buy your loaf of fresh bread for the weekend on your way out. Wouldn’t it be nice to be out for a stroll on a Saturday morning, pick up your coffee, collect some fresh bread from the bakery and meat from the butchers set for the weekend.

So I’m going to leave you with that thought. I’m sure your tummies are rumbling just as much as mine is looking at these pictures again! That was my wind down before the weekend kicked in and the energy dial was turned up to full. How do you wind down at the weekend?

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