We Are Fstvl 2016

We Are Fstvl 2

So the festival season has well and truly begun. This weekend alone you had Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Common People and Mutiny Music Festival to name a few. But this bank holiday my attention was turned to We Are Fstvl; a house music festival in Upminster, East London.

Me and my best girl friends got tickets for the Saturday – Fat Boy Slim sold it for us – have you seen him before? We decided to make a weekend of it so the girls came up to stay with me. Now I have to admit I’m not really a festival goer – I would love to do Glastonbury but apart from some local festivals (Fairport mainly) I hadn’t caught the festival bug…until now.

Packing your bag for a day festival is much easier than a weekend – money, a bit of make up, hand gel, tissues, hair tie, sunglasses & your ticket then you’re about ready to go. I wore jeans, a backless body suit and pumps – I didn’t want to be cold and I love a backless item so it was a perfect outfit for me but some people went all out on the crazy scale. I think festivals are a place that you can get away with wearing something you wouldn’t necessarily wear walking down the street on a normal day. There were boys wearing patterned leggings and girls dressed as aliens but the great thing is no one cares because it’s a festival (where anything goes).

Now you can’t go to a festival without having a few cheeky ciders beforehand so 11am we were ready to go and had a few ciders, and one for the road. This was the first festival that I have been to where you had to buy drinks tokens to exchange for drinks but it worked really well and made the queue go a lot quicker! There were plenty of food stalls ranging from Mexican – Thai –  Chicken – Pizza – Ice Cream, but my go to food at a festival is a burrito!

The festival was split into different zones: Ancient Realm, Whse District, Favela Fiesta, Island Hideaway and Disco Tropics VIP. We didn’t get VIP tickets as we weren’t too fussed about the extra privileges – especially as we were only there for one day. Obviously I was drawn to the Favela Fiesta zone – it was vibrant, had a helter skelter, a photo booth and two tents! The main stage was open, in the Ancient Realm zone, Whse District contained the techno warehouse and then Island Hideaway – which we never found! But it was huge and we had plenty of time to run around the different zones and experience everything.

Now the important bit, the music! Throughout the day we saw Amine Edge & Dance, DJ Fresh, Philip George, MK, Becky Hill, Hannah Wants, Eats Everything and of course Fat Boy Slim who closed the festival. The crowds were huge and everyone was having an awesome time. It was so much fun listening to lots of great DJs, partying the day away, singing and of course lots of dancing! My favourite. I think my whole body ached the next day when I woke up.

So that’s me for now, I don’t have any more festivals planned this summer but its never too late! Watch this space and let me know your festival plans!