Easy Sunday Supper 

Although cooking that perfect Sunday roast is a great way to end the weekend, sometimes you just don’t have time. So what to cook instead? I was walking around the supermarket looking for inspiration when I came across a Jus-Roll puff pastry which reminded me of a childhood meal that my stepmum used to cook us. Now the roll out pastries are fantastic if you have little time on your hands so this was perfect. I bought chicken, fresh pesto, cherry tomatoes, red onion and cheddar cheese to put on my tart but you can tailor this to your taste (I would suggest pesto for the base though).

Really simply, roll out the pastry and use a knife to create a 1cm boarder the whole way around. Spread on the pesto and add the rest of your chosen toppings. If you are adding meat then cook this off separately and then add to the pastry 5 minutes before it is due to be ready. Put the pastry on a flat tray and cook for 20 minutes. Once golden, remove from the oven and serve straight away. It tastes great with salad or seasonal veg!