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A little country pub…

I’m definitely one for loving good old fashioned pub grub and over the years I have eaten in a fair few places (seeing as though I did grow up in the countryside where there is a pub on every corner). I would always choose a hearty meal over anything else on the menu: pie and chips, sausage and mash with onion gravy or one of my childhood favourites cauliflower cheese and leek gratin.

So for mine and my dads birthday yesterday, we chose to go and visit our favourite local country pub, The Crown Inn at Weston. Now I didn’t manage to take many pictures as I was being laughed at, but I still think it is worth talking about. The pub itself is so cosy and the owners and visitors alike are very welcoming. Dogs are allowed in – a pug joined its owner at the table once when I was in there and it was the cutest thing (although having your dog at the dinner table is probably not to everyone’s taste!). There is just something really warming about the pub and it’s always buzzing whether it be a hot summers day or a chilly winters eve.

And now the important bit. The food. I always know that we will receive great service and fantastic upmarket pub grub. Now I’ve only just started to enjoy fish so I decided to take a gamble and chose the fishcakes with an avocado salsa and chorizo garnish to start, mainly for the avocado salsa and chorizo! I was pleasantly surprised. It was gorgeous, full of flavour and texture that just worked. Other starters included welsh rarebit (which I learned was basically cheese on toast – amazing), duck spring rolls and the classic bread and olives with balsamic vinegar and olive oil dip.

fishcakesMain course. I obviously went for sausage and mash but this was a twist on the classic. The sausages were filled with cheese, leek and herbs served with a creamy mash and red onion gravy. To my younger sisters amusement, it also came with a small array of vegetables delicately placed around the plate. It was delightful. The rest of the family opted for the classic cheese burger with chips, juicy steak (with the biggest onion rings!), the fishcakes that I had as a starter and a lovely pork dish. By the time we had made our way through all of the above, we couldn’t eat another thing. Although the dessert menu was ever so tempting.

Sausage and mash

If none of that got your belly rumbling then take a look at the menu and if you’re ever in the area make sure you pop in to try it for yourself. It won’t disappoint 🙂

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