The search party Clues

Today has been THE strangest Sunday ever, but a lot of fun too. My housemate Callum came across an event called The London Search Party a couple of weeks ago, sponsored by Borris Johnson, where you are given a starting venue and have to find the clues to the secret party. Sounds pretty interesting right? We weren’t sure what to expect but being new to London we thought we would give it a go!

Canal 2So this afternoon at 1pm myself, Callum and my other housemate Emma made our way down to the London Canal Museum for our first clue. There were 9 clues in total and in order to retrieve each clue we had to find the next location and complete a challenge (or a forfeit if w
e failed). The first challenge: to taste-test tap, filtered and bottled water. This was harder than it sounds and sure enough we got it wrong so our forfeit- to sing! We sang a lovely rendition of Yellow Submarine (or hummed the tune until the chorus) before retrieving our first clue to the second location.

At the second location we were greeted by a mermaid (yes that’s right we ran around London to find a mermaid – it gets stranger) where we had to sing some scales to get our clue. So much singing involved and for someone who can’t sing, probably too much! We passed with flying colours so off to our third location – The Skip Kitchen. Here we had to guess the herb and then find the herbs in the garden. This was pretty straight forward and it helped that we had a gardener in our group!

Up next, the pond. Who knew there was a pond in Kings Cross that you can go and swim in – not my cup of tea but for those who don’t live near a pool I guess its the next best thing! There was even a wooden outdoor sauna to keep you warm after swimming. Here we had to hook a duck, it was like being back at the town fair ground. Callum managed this in one fell swoop so next clue, next location! We were on a roll, half way there.

Our next clue took us to Gas Holders London via the wobbliest bridge known to man over the canal. It was very picturesque though. We walked around the corner and what a colourful sight! HULA HOOPING. What a great idea. We were taught how to hula hoop properly and then our challenge was to keep it up for 5 seconds. This has never come naturally to me but somehow it just worked, and it was so much fun! Found a new hobby/exercise there. The next clue led us to the restaurant German Gymnasium where we did a few star jumps and spinning – not too difficult really.

Hula Hoop Group Hula

We followed the directions towards Tavistock square, stopping at an old antique shop on the way and to our surprise (and probably the best challenge of the day) Scottish dancing! They had teachers and bagpipe players and we all danced around in a circle laughing and having fun. Callum and Emma partnered up so I was lucky enough to dance with a lovely man who knew exactly what he was doing – enough that he kept screaming out the directions which we just couldn’t stop laughing at! BACK! BACK! So much fun and has definitely reminded me to add Scottish dancing to my new hobby list.

The last and final clue was to search for a bird. We couldn’t figure out whether this was supposed to be pretend or real – turns out it was pretend which Callum found hiding in a tree on the other side of the square! Easy. Nine challenges down and now to the party! We were tested on our maths to work out the address and it turns out it was just around the corner in Tavistock Place. There was one more surprise left waiting at the party – swing dancing! Dancing is right up my street so no surprise that I dragged Callum up to dance the Charleston with me.

So there we have it: The London Search Party 2016. Lots of walking, searching, discovering, singing and dancing. As I said at the beginning, the strangest Sunday ever but great fun and I definitely felt that I had to write about it on here. I hope you’ve enjoyed the story and maybe even feel like you were on the journey with us too!

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