Wine Tasting Weekends 

So I think it’s fitting to begin this post by telling you I absolutely LOVE wine. But who doesn’t? I remember trying it as a child thinking there’s no way I would warm to it, but as my parents told me (and I’m sure every adult you spoke to did), “one day you will”. I’m much more of a white wine drinker than red wine although my palette is starting to adjust to enjoy both thankfully, it seems to be a crime to drink white with a juicy (medium-rare) steak.

So what is wine tasting weekends all about you may ask? Exactly what it says on the tin – minus the weekend as it was actually only about 2 hours. On the tube to work the other day I was immersed in the latest copy of time out, I think it’s great for finding random places to visit or things to do. And right enough I found a free wine tasting event with SA Wines. Free?! Surely it can’t be free. But it was. Perfect. I booked myself and my housemates in and it was as easy as that, just turn up at 3pm in South Wimbledon. I’ve always wanted to do a wine tasting session so this was a great excuse.

We turned up and were greeted by two lovely South African ladies. They handed us a guide and told us to pick up a wine glass and start making our way around the warehouse, so that’s exactly what we did. The place wasn’t huge but the selection of wine was fantastic. I won’t talk through every bottle but some of my favourites included:

Delayer Graff – Swartland Chenin Blanc Reserve 2014

Warwick – Professor Black Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Lanzerac – Cabernet Sauvignon 2012.

The whites were both crisp, a little fruity but still rich, medium bodied. The red was much richer and full bodied but balanced on the palette. I actually learnt a thing or two whilst I was there but I think I probably need a few more lessons.

One thing I really enjoyed was a story that one of the ladies told us about one of the suppliers, Rhino Tears. John Hooper from Mt Vernon Wine Estate wanted to help the field rangers stop Rhino poaching, having spent some time in the Kruger National Park. Therefore he crafted a red and white wine to sell and donate money to Unite Against Poaching to help the cause. Unfortunately Rhino Poaching is still a problem, but it is important to remember small projects like these that can go a long way, and this one certainly has to date.

So that was our wine tasting weekend in summary. A small dip into the world of wine but so interesting to learn about different vineyards and how wine and sparkling wine is made.  And of course the good causes that sit behind some of these companies. I would definitely recommend doing a wine tasting, it’s a great social activity that you are guaranteed to enjoy, you might learn a new thing or two and who knows, it could even spark a new career  as a sommelier!

SA Wines have some more events coming up so maybe you could start by looking at what they have to offer. Just head to


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