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Give me the child – Mel McGrath

“Imagine your doorbell rings in the middle of the night. You open the door to the police. With them is your husband’s eleven-year-old love child. A daughter you never knew he had. Her mother has been found dead in their South London flat. She has nowhere else to go. Would you take her in?”

This month’s book is Mel McGrath’s latest psycho thriller, Give me the child.

April 2018 – How to be an overnight success

I came across this book on social media and immediately wanted to read it. Maria Hatzistefanis, founder and CEO of Rodial, shares her journey to success and tips and advice for following your dreams! This is an honest account of what it takes to run your own business and deal with everything that comes from being a global success. For anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur or if you’re into your beauty and fashion then this is a must read.